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Jigs built for the fight.

Lightweight Division

⭐ 10 to 20g for freshwater and inshore

Lightweight Line Up

Middleweight Division

⭐ 20 to 80g to near shore and kelp beds

Middleweight Line Up

Heavyweight Division

⭐ 60 to 600g for offshore and big fish

Heavyweight Line Up

Be a fishing legend

Submission @ Sea 2024

get on 'em


“Went to Baja and slow pitched the Samurai and the vermillion rockfish and a variety of other rockfish were all over it!! Thank you for creating such a great jig!”

Rockfish on Samurai

I am addicted to Submission Fishing Co.'s Micro jigs. They get you the bite, and the fight with a Spotted Bay Bass in the shallows is second to none.


The Ogre jig gets the bite, yellowtail or bluefin. Love the variety. I highly recommend this jig!


Bream Dream On, baby

New Micros for that freshwater flavor

Reel in your Bream Dream in 10g and 15g now. These won't last long!

Fish the Bream

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It's an active style of fishing using the action of the fall and retrieve of the jig to entice the fish. It's known for being effective in deeper or tougher conditions and allows anglers to experience the joy of the technique.

Any predatory fish, freshwater or saltwater. Inshore/bay/surf/freshwater examples are: sandbass, pompano, perch, redfish, largemouth bass, speckled trout. Nearshore/ offshore/ kelp beds: calico bass, amberjack, yellowtail, dorado. Offshore: rockfish, tuna, grouper.

A good rule of thumb is 1 gram per 1 foot of water. This is just a base line, and there are many other variables to consider, but this will get you started.

Usually, tie the line on the eye side of the jig. We recommend if you’re going to tie directly to the jig, tie onto the split ring. If you’re going to use a clip or snap, tie onto the clip and attach it directly to the eyelet.

Yes! Cast the jig and let it flutter down for a while before retrieving. Slowly pop it and bounce it through the water column as you reel towards you. Wind up and repeat.

Our jigs are very durable and won’t rust or fall apart after one use. They are lead material with a through wire from nose to tail which keeps them from breaking in a fight. The hooks are heavy-duty BKK hooks that won’t rust with normal use (though we recommend a good rinsing after a hard day at sea.)

This is the whole secret of fishing. Each angler has his or her favorite way to get ready for a day on the water. We have many videos discussing our favorites and the various ways to set up for various kinds of fishing on our YouTube Channel: @submissionfishing co.

No matter which jig weight class you’re fishing, a slower, more parabolic rod is key to maximizing your efforts and the jig’s unique qualities.

We want you to be successful and to earn your black belt in fishing. Reach out to us anytime via email, DM, or on our live show chat for answers to your specific questions. We also have a library of videos on our YouTube channel. We also offer 30 returns and refunds, no questions asked. Send an email to with your order number and we’ll make it right.

Join a fishing club and go fishing! Check out our YouTube channel for fishing videos, tutorials, and a LIVE show every week where you can get YOUR questions answered by Muto and some of the best anglers out there.